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legal and ethical dilemmas of abortion

2.    Discuss the ETHICAL dilemma(s) associated with your topic.

3.    Discuss the LEGAL dilemma(s) associated with your topic

4.    Present 3 articles from recent publications to demonstrate the reality of your topic. These articles should highlight the ETHICAL and LEGAL dilemmas you are discussing. You should include all details of the articles. These can be court cases as well.

5.    Type a report containing all of the required elements (items 2, 3, and 4 above).  There is no required length to this project, as I am looking for quality not quantity. That being said, I do not expect to see a report that is less than 4 pages.

6.    Create a PowerPoint as if you were going to present this project in a classroom setting.

This is for a Law and Ethics Class relating to Health Care management

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