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Ethics in Technology

Answer the following question in short paragraphs.
Q1. Describe the concept of fair use. How has digital rights management affected fair use?
Q2. Some online retailers have tried to use information gathered about their customers to offer different prices to different people. What is your position on the morality of this strategy? Justify your answer.
Discussion board:
Discussion 1:
a.    Write a discussion about the following:
Some people believe that Internet addiction is real, but others disagree. Summarize the arguments on both sides of this question. Which side has the stronger argument? Why?
b.    Write a reply to the following: (you could agree or disagree)
Internet addiction is a disorder in which a person feels they must obsessively use or check the Internet. The addiction can take many forms. For instance, a person may play excessive amounts of gaming or have the need to constantly check social media. Some experts say that Internet addiction is not a disorder while some say it is.

Dr. Matthew Cruger at the Child Mind Institute says, ” With addiction you have a chemical that changes the way we respond, that leads us to be reliant on it for our level of functioning. That’s not what’s happening here. We don’t develop higher levels of tolerance. We don’t need more and more screen time in order to be able to function” (Source link below). Dr. Cruger is against the idea of Internet addiction. Other experts say the obsessive nature of checking social media or gaming is what prompts for Internet addiction.

If the argument is whether the Internet can be legitimately addicting, then the stronger side would be “no, the Internet is not addicting”. This is the case because addiction is when the human body feels the need to have a substance or activity in order to live, and this is not what is happening with “Internet addiction”.
Discussion 2:
a.    Write a discussion about the following:
What are pros and cons of protecting your creative work (like music)? Do you believe intellectual property protection for music will grow stronger or weaker in the years to come? Justify your position.
b.    Write a reply to the following: (it could be agree or disagree)
In my personal opinion, it’s a toss up to tell if the rights for property protection will go stronger or weaker. But, I guess it all depends on the company, label, distributor, and etc. The pros of protecting your your creative work is not just anybody can use it or take advantage of using it, but depending on how big you are you might want that. From my perspective right now, I do feel like rights will get weaker because of things like Tik Tok, which can possibly bring tons of attention to a song, which could be good for any artist especially on the rise.

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