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project 5 Business Research Analysis

Module 05 Project

Executive Summary for Wellness Program

Create professional documents for presenting research, analysis, and business strategy recommendations.
You work at a small startup company and recently began an informal competition among a few of your co-workers counting your daily steps. The program went well. It was a great team building exercise and others in your company seemed interested in participating. You decided that you wanted to turn this into a formal company-wide initiative.
In your investigation you found information about other companies that not only had similar programs, but that they had fully developed wellness programs. Further, your investigation revealed the benefits for both employees and employers. For employees, you found that those who participate enjoy reduced healthcare costs and a sense of engagement in the workplace. The benefits to employers include things like reduced workers compensation claims, lower absenteeism and higher overall productivity.
As a result, you determined that all could benefit from not just a step program, but a formalized wellness program. You then distributed a very brief survey to determine the level of interest and what aspects of wellness your coworkers showed interest. You distributed a survey to all employees (30) and the results of your survey are displayed below:

Would you participate in a wellness program?    Rate your level of interest in the following wellness topics
1 = least interested 5= very interested       
    Weight management    Nutrition    Stress management
Yes    5    5    3
Yes    3    3    5
No    1    1    5
Yes    3    5    5
No    1    1    5
Yes    5    5    3
No    1    1    1
Yes    3    3    5
No    1    1    1
Yes    2    3    3
Yes    3    3    3
Yes    5    5    5
No    1    1    1
Yes    5    5    5
Yes    3    3    4
No    1    1    1
Yes    4    3    2
At first glance it looks as though there is a strong interest in implementing a company-wide wellness program, but you also see a couple of other interesting things in the data. You have decided to use the data you have gathered and present it to senior management to persuade them that a wellness program will benefit everyone.
You have decided the best way to approach senior management about your idea is through an executive summary. In your document you should include information you found in your initial investigation, such as cost savings and higher productivity levels at companies with wellness programs. It should also highlight the key findings of your research, as you realize senior management is very busy and will not be interested in a long detailed document.
* Write an introductory paragraph that includes the following:
    * The three most interesting findings from your survey.
    * Cite one external source that describes benefits of wellness programs for employers.
    * Describe the data analysis techniques used to interpret your data.
Be sure to include the method you used.Create an infographic that includes charts, graphs, or tables to display the three most interesting findings you mention above. Each graphic display should be accompanied by a brief text description of the data and why it is important. Also, include two relevant external sources.

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